December 15 - December 18, 2022 / Web Conference International Symposium on the Analytic Hierarchy Process

Decision-Making in Business Practice
December 15 - December 18, 2022Web Conference


Session Proposals

AHP Methodology and Application

Session Organizer: Keyu Zhu

                Xiaojia Wang and Jennifer Shang

                Qingxing Dong and Keyu Zhu

                Kè-yù Zhü, Orrin Cooper , and Shàn-lín Yáng

Strategic Planning, Design and Implementation

Session Organizer: Nina Begicevic Redep

  • A Multi-criteria Job Evaluation Method For A State Bank

                Ezgi Aktar Demirtaş, Yeliz Buruk, and Müjgan Sagir Özdemir

  • AHP Based Group Decision Making - Case Study Of E-learning Implementation In Pre-tertiary Education

                Blazenka Divjak and Nina Begicevic Redjep

                Tihomir Hunjak and Vjeran Strahonja

  • Design And Prioritization Using The AHP

                Thomas L. Saaty, Müjgan Sagir Özdemir, and Nina Begicevic Redjep

Evaluation Methodology in Terms of Quality

Session Organizer: Min-Suk Yoon

  • A Study On The Priority Changeover And Interaction Of Software Quality Factors Using The AHP/ANP

                Min-Suk Yoon and Lingyu Hao

                Sang Suk Kim

                Buhm Lee and Kyoung Min Kim

Optimization & Real Life Applications 1

Session Organizer: Mujgan Sagir Ozdemir

  • A Two-phased Multiobjective Model For A Service System -an Application For A Touring Company

                Gülçin Bektur and Müjgan Sağir Özdemi̇r

  • A Two-phased Solution Methodology For Capacitated_multi Vehicle Routing Problem With Time Window And Customer Priorities A Case For Pharmacy Routing

                Müjgan Sağır Özdemir, Yeliz Buruk, and Ezgi Aktar Demirtaş

  • The Rationality Of Punishment - Measuring The Severity Of Crimes: An AHP-based Orders-of-magnitude Approach

                Thomas L. Saaty, Müjgan Sağır Özdemir, and Jennifer S. Shang

AHP in the Classroom and the Community: Carlow University-Uganda Initiatives

Session Organizer: Enrique Mu

  • Carlow University - Uganda Initiative I: An  AHP Benefit/cost Analysis

                Diana Nsemo, Arielle Sagbohan, Nora Suehr, and Enrique Mu

  • Carlow-uganda Initiative II: An AHP BOCR Decision Analysis

                Bethany Dorney, Elizabeth Kallenborn, Douglas Morgan, Shannon Robertson, and Enrique Mu

  • Carlow-uganda Initiative III: Multiple BOCR Team Perspective Integration

                Joanne Kavulick, Kristen Faust, Nidhi Shukla, Sheila Rawlings, and Enrique Mu

  • Carlow-uganda Initiative IV: Case Study Of Using AHP At The Undergraduate Level

                Cynthia Busin Nicola and Enrique Mu

Optimization & Real Life Applications 2

Session Organizer: Zehra Kamisli Ozturk

  • A Real Life Multi Objective Course Timetabling Model With AHP And Conic Scalarization

                Zehra Kamisli Ozturk, Müjgan Sagir Ozdemir, Erdener Ozcetin, Nergiz Kasimbeyli, Mehmet Alegoz

  • A Two Step Mcdm Methodology To Make Effective Supplier Selection And An Example

                Mehmet Alegöz

  • An AHP Model Based Supply Chain Network Design

                Gurkan Ozturk

  • Multi Criteria Decision Making For Customer Satisfaction In Warehouse Management

                Zehra Kamisli Ozturk and Refail Kasımbeyli

YSU/Williamson College of Business Master Students, AHP in Decision Making

Session Organizer: Birsen Karpak

  • Best Plant Location For A Manufacturing Company: An Analytic Hierarchy Process Approach

                Sayantoni Dey, Stephen Bosela, and Jakub Waksmundzki

  • Comparing The Emerging Markets Of Brazil, India And China: Who's The Best?

                Matthew Huston, Jennifer Roberts, and Jason Ferguson

  • Selection Of The Most Attractive Emerging Market For A Business To Enter Among The Countries Turkey, Russia, India, And China: An Analytical Hierarchy Approach

                Philip N. Tizio, David Lucas, Lyndi R. Schrecengost, and Matthew A. Kuhns

Improving Supply Chain Activities by Advancing and Teaching AHP Applications

Session Organizer: Seong-Jong Joo

  • A New Approach To The Use Of A Measurement Scale For Analytic Hierarchy Process

                Young Lee

  • Combining Subjective And Objective Criteria For Evaluating Suppliers Using AHP And DEA

                Seong-Jong Joo and Ozden Bayazit

  • Teaching Analytic Hierarchy Process To Supply Chain Students

                Seong-Jong Joo

Renewable Energy Applications

Session Organizer: Shashi Bhattarai

  • Diffusion Of Analytic Hierrchy Process In Nepal: Overview For The Period Of 2003 - 2013

                Shashi Bhattarai

  • Framework For Sustainability Assessment Of Renewable Energy Projects In Nepal

                Ram Prasad Dhital, Parakram Pyakurel, Tri Ratna Bajracharya, and Rajendra Shrestha

  • Multicriterian Approach For Eveluation Of Mode Of Hydropower Development In Nepal

                Lila Nath Bhattarai

  • Prioritizing Hydropower Development Using Analytical Hierarchy Process - A Case Study Of Nepal

                Rana Pratap Singh and H. P. Nachtnebel

Graduate Presentations

Session Organizer: Enrique Mu

                Seçil Kavas, Y. Ilker Topçu

                Abid Ali

                Ana Lucia Pegetti and Jessé d´Assunção Rebello de Souza Jr

                Nazanin Vafaei and Basar Oztaysi

Group Decision Making

Session Organizer: Anna Florek-Paszkowska 

                V.V.Tsyganok and O.V.Andriichuk

                Sergey Kadenko

  • Group Decision Making With The Ahp/anp - An Overview Of Approaches To Aggregation Of Judgments And Priorities

                Anna Florek-Paszkowska, Anna Prusak, and Piotr Stefanów

Theory and Application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process

Session Organizer: Yuji Sato

  • A Hybrid Diagnosis Procedure For Optimizing The Specification Of BTO Product

                Yuji Sato

  • An Algebraic Representation For Comparison Methods Of AHP

                Takafumi Mizuno and Eizo Kinoshita

                Prabal Sapkota

  • Relationship Between The Analytic Hierarchy Process And Weighted Summation

                Yoichi Iida

ANP in Supply Chain Management

Session Organizer: Birsen Karpak

  • AHP/ANP For Sustainable Supply Networks

                Birsen Karpak and Steve Taraszewski

  • Analytical Network Process (ANP): Method For Helping Managers Learn, Improve Firm Capabilities And Gain A Competitive Advantage

                Ramesh Dangol, Mona Bahl, and Birsen Karpak

  • Selection Of A Third Party Logistics Service Provider For An Aerospace Company: An Analytical Network Process Approach

                Birsen Karpak and Ozden Bayazit

AHP/ANP Miscellaneous

Session Organizer: Enrique Mu

                Mostafa H. Deldoost, Mohsen Faizollahi, Fabio De Felice, and Antonella Petrillo

                Martin Jantscher, Christopher Schwarz, and Erwin Zinser

                Francesco Longo, Laura Cirillo, Fabio De Felice, and Antonella Petrillo